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Exterior Rehabilitation


Exterior Rehabilitation

Protection against the elements.  It’s a building enclosure’s basic task.  But time, weather, defects, and stress conspire to compromise a structure’s defenses.   What to do when leaks and cracks threaten building integrity?

Enter Hoffmann Architects.  Solving problems on the outsides of buildings is what we do.  Our architects and engineers have specific expertise in reversing the effects of deterioration—and we understand the budgetary and logistical demands of busy settings and occupied spaces.

You depend on your building.
Your building depends on Hoffmann Architects.

Thorough investigation, innovative design, comprehensive details, and vigilant oversight are the trademarks of a Hoffmann Architects project.  We provide consultation, investigation, and remediation services for:

• Facades and windows
• Roofs
• Parking structures
• Plazas and terraces

From skyscrapers to suburban facilities to historic landmarks, Hoffmann Architects develops custom solutions to meet the aesthetic and technical demands of every structure.

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