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Time and weather are cruel to buildings. Add construction errors, inappropriate materials, and poor detailing, and it’s a wonder any structure remains standing at all. Since 1977, Hoffmann Architects + Engineers has built a reputation on reversing the effects of natural and manmade stress on building exteriors with practical solutions.

Diagnosing and resolving problems at the outsides of buildings is all we do.

Because we focus on existing structures, we are sensitive to concerns of building occupants and to the logistical demands of busy settings. Our clients rely on us to solve building enclosure problems unobtrusively and to complete projects on time and within budget.

Why do our clients return to us year after year, for all of their maintenance, repair, restoration, and replacement projects? Because they know they can hand us the problem, then forget it. Hoffmann’s professionals have the experience and know-how to relieve even the most trying building enclosure woes.

Doing one thing and doing it well has been Hoffmann’s trademark approach for over 45 years.

Sustainable Solutions

We’ve been creating innovative, lasting solutions to building distress for over three decades. How? By taking the long view. We look at building systems holistically. Then, we narrow in on details. Intersections, terminations, penetrations, and other trouble spots have top priority. The result: rehabilitation that minimizes resource consumption and maximizes longevity.

No matter how “green” the original design, a new building makes a new impact on the environment. So, too, does each new repair project. That’s why the most ecological building is an existing one, where repairs are designed and built to last.

Living roofs, green building materials, net-zero energy: we know sustainable design. Our articles, interviews, and participation in the U.S. Green Building Council, Urban Green Council, Architects Declare, and other environmental organizations aim to advance the dialogue on sustainable architecture. Sometimes, though, it’s the less flashy solution that’s best. And we’re not afraid to say so.

We do the work. You get the credit. Awards

“What was impressive about the restoration was not only the vast scale of the project, but also the integration of innovative contemporary repair strategies with preservation methods that replicated original construction techniques.”

– Joseph Sacco, AIA, 2018 President, AIA|DC, on the award-winning restoration of the Dome of the United States Capitol

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Hoffmann Architects + Engineers Establishes Diversity Advancement Scholarship Fund

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