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A Small Firm with Big Benefits

With benefits packages comparable to, or exceeding, those at companies many times our size, a diverse and noteworthy project list fit for a much larger practice, and opportunities for career advancement beyond those at most large design houses, including publication, in our own JOURNAL and elsewhere, and participation in professional organizations, we think big.

Whether your ultimate career objective is to solve problems in built structures, promote sustainability, develop new business opportunities, or design for new construction, Hoffmann Architects + Engineers will give you the experience to meet your goals.

Because of our smaller size, you’ll see the bigger picture.

With opportunities to participate in all phases of the architectural process—from investigation to design to contract administration—you’ll gain practical knowledge of how buildings are constructed, and why they fail.

At Hoffmann, close professional relationship among a smaller group of colleagues fosters camaraderie, mentorship, and innovation. Senior architects and engineers work side-by-side with recent graduates to resolve distress at major symbols of the country’s architectural heritage, such as the Chrysler Building, the United States Capitol building, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Smithsonian Institution.

If you are interested in meeting the challenges of rehabilitating existing structures, we invite you to submit your résumé and qualifications.

Hoffmann Architects + Engineers is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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