Construction worker performing water test on a building

All too often, attempts to treat symptoms of waterproofing failure only make things worse. Moisture trapped by haphazardly applied sealers or poorly designed drains can cause hidden deterioration. Left unchecked, it can even lead to hazardous conditions, from structural damage to mold.

Leaks don’t fix themselves.

That’s where we come in. From detailing roof intersections to rehabilitating plazas over occupied space, virtually everything we do is about keeping buildings dry. Lobbies, kitchens, tunnels, vaults, basements, fountains, planters, foundations—we develop custom solutions for challenging areas. Hoffmann’s waterproofing consultation services include:

  • Water infiltration investigation
  • On-site and laboratory testing evaluation
  • Forensic evaluation
  • Positive and negative side waterproofing design
  • Peer review and design consultation
  • Diagnosis and correction of design and construction errors
  • Water damage rehabilitation
  • Waterproofing contract administration
  • Litigation and insurance claim support

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For over 45 years, building owners and design professionals have chosen Hoffmann Architects + Engineers to prevent and resolve leaks, both for new construction and for the rehabilitation of existing buildings.