Scholastic Headquarters roof facade

Why has “a roof over your head” become synonymous with comfort and shelter? Given the number of typical roofing problems, the expression should more accurately connote dripping ceilings and headaches.

From green roofs to historic slate, we know the issues, and we know the solution.

Inappropriate design. Poor installation. Severe weather. Old age. Whatever the cause, roof leaks can quickly lead to interior and structural damage. How do you know where to find the leak, how to fix it, or whether it’s time for a new roof?

You call us.  Hoffmann has been resolving roofing distress for over four decades. Our services for roofs include:

  • Leak investigation
  • On-site and laboratory testing and analysis
  • Structural evaluation
  • Document review
  • Waterproofing consultation
  • Repair/replacement/rehabilitation design
  • Maintenance planning
  • Materials selection and specification
  • Bidding assistance
  • Contract administration and project oversight

We’ve seen it all: low-slope roofs, such as built-up, sheet, and fluid-applied, as well as high-slope, including metal, clay, asphalt, and stone. We’re also versed in the considerations of vegetated roofs, roof terrace amenity spaces, cool roofs, and other emerging technologies.


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