Loews Regency Hotel

Loews Regency Hotel

Location New York, NY

Category Hospitality

Focus Area FacadesRoofs

Roof Replacements, Wall Screen Rehabilitation, and Balcony and Railing Assessment

On Park Avenue at 61st Street, the Loews Regency Hotel is a luxury high-rise two blocks east of Central Park, in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The Art Deco hotel has 379 guest rooms, as well as meeting rooms, a restaurant, coffee bar, and spa, and it maintains the coveted AAA four-diamond rating for its superior accommodations. When the hotel’s five roofs, totaling approximately 16,500sf, had reached the end of their serviceable life, Loews Corporation turned to the building enclosure experts at Hoffmann Architects + Engineers to design and administer a roof replacement program.

While evaluating building conditions for design document preparation, Hoffmann’s architects and engineers observed deficiencies at portions of the masonry and concrete screen walls that mask rooftop equipment. To avoid compromising the new roofing, our design professionals recommended addressing these potential water entry sites at the facade concurrently with the reroofing project, to prevent moisture intrusion behind and underneath the roof system.

To accommodate budget and scheduling requirements, Hoffmann designed the roof replacements and facade repairs to occur in phases. Our architects and engineers designed masonry, concrete, reinforcing steel, and mortar joint restoration, as well as the new roof systems, including drainage and flashing improvements. We prepared contract documents and provided bidding and construction administration services for the replacement project.

When Loews needed a building enclosure consultant to evaluate balcony and roof railing conditions for the New York City Facade Inspection Safety Program, they again looked to Hoffmann for guidance. Up-to-date with not only the latest iterations of the inspection and filing requirements, but also the nuances of interpretation of the law applied by the Department of Buildings, our architects and engineers supported Loews in complying with the newly updated ordinance.

By protecting the safety and integrity of the building enclosure, Hoffmann supported Loews in applying the same high standard of excellence to its roof and facade management that it does to its guest services.