When done well, a plaza or terrace is an asset, providing an aesthetically satisfying outdoor space that expands a building’s impact. But when done poorly, a plaza can be an eyesore.

Broken pavers, pooling water, and uneven surfaces not only detract from building appearance. They can be dangerous. Investment in your plaza improves property value and protects against the loss that can result from unsafe conditions.

Replacing pavers year after year?
Maybe the pavers aren’t the problem.

Hoffmann Architects + Engineers has the experience to get to the root of plaza problems. Our services for plazas and terraces include:

  • Waterproofing and drainage design
  • Structural evaluation
  • Water feature rehabilitation
  • Water infiltration investigation and rehabilitation
  • Planter waterproofing
  • Coordination of landscape, lighting, and safety elements
  • Snow and ice removal program consultation
  • Design and document preparation for rehabilitation
  • Bidding assistance
  • Contract administration and construction management
  • Maintenance program development

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We’ve been turning plaza and terrace burdens into assets since 1977. We solve recurrent issues at their source, so owners and managers fix a problem once—and don’t worry about it again.