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Ah, the lowly parking structure: easily overlooked in favor of eye-catching plazas or facades. But neglect soon shows. Exposure to the elements, inside and out, quickly escalates minor cracks into major hazards.

Try explaining to the owner of the car dented by falling concrete why garage repairs just weren’t a priority.

From selecting a surface treatment to overhauling drainage design, our architects and engineers are nationally recognized authorities on the care and protection of parking facilities.

To reverse and protect against the effects of snow, ice, temperature changes, and corrosive deicing salts, Hoffmann evaluates a garage’s composition and condition, then recommends appropriate action.  Our parking structure services include:

  • Distress investigation
  • Concrete testing and evaluation
  • Usage and exposure assessments
  • Structural evaluation
  • Diagnosis and correction of design and construction errors
  • Assessment and filing to meet local law requirements
  • Surface treatment specification
  • Snow and ice removal program consultation
  • Maintenance program development
  • Design and document preparation for repair or rehabilitation
  • Construction management and project representation

Putting off garage upkeep can lead to dangerous conditions.  Don’t wait.  Our parking structure experts solve problems cost-effectively and unobtrusively, so you can get on with business.


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Our engineers have been certified to conduct mandated periodic inspection and compliance report filing, and we keep up-to-date on the latest requirements and guidance.

New York City Local Law 126 Parking Garage Assessments


New York State Parking Garage Assessments

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