Ceilings collapsed and debris falling inside building

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting construction dollars on a project that shows problems as soon as it’s completed. When substandard construction methods, poor design, incorrect materials, or other issues lead to premature failure, Hoffmann Architects + Engineers is there to support building and design professionals who find it necessary to take legal action—or those who find themselves defending against liability suits or claims.

Why let jargon double-talk cover for shoddy work?
Our impartial experts set the story straight.

With comprehensive reports, Hoffmann’s design professionals translate technical issues into understandable terms. Our litigation, claim, and defense support services include:

  • Liability and damages analysis and review
  • Code and contract compliance investigation
  • Design flaw and construction defect evaluation
  • Condition assessment
  • Document review
  • Standard of care analysis
  • Insurance claim evaluation and cost review
  • Presentation and report preparation
  • Expert testimony for litigation, mediation, and arbitration

When Hurricanes Strike, Will Your Building Be Prepared?

After a natural disaster, insurance carriers must distinguish between damage caused by the event and damage caused by deferred maintenance or design flaws. For building owners, preparing for severe weather begins long before the storm warning.

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Our credibility as nationally recognized exterior experts has helped many high-profile building owners to recover costs for damages or to defend against unfounded claims. Shouldn’t you have that expertise on your side?