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Because we focus on the building exterior, we have specialized expertise in a wide range of materials, construction methods, and building types, from the subtleties of historic brick restoration to the challenges of selecting a parking structure surface treatment.

We evaluate energy efficiency, structural integrity, and the condition of existing materials. Our projects range from reroofing design to rehabilitation of a campus of twenty buildings. When Hoffmann designs a solution, we consider how one building component affects another.  While the quick-fix answer might mend a trouble spot for the moment, “band-aid” repairs can actually make the problem worse.

Sustainable design is lasting design.

Our architects and engineers specialize in correcting damage by addressing the underlying cause, so that once a problem has been solved, it’s solved for the long term. Whatever the scope, our design professionals focus on critical, yet easily overlooked details that make the difference between a good idea poorly executed and a solution that holds up over time.

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Facades/Windows – Roofs – Parking Structures – Plazas/Terraces

Facade Inspection
New York – Boston – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh

Historic and Landmark Restoration

Litigation and Claim Support

New Construction Consultation and Peer Review

Waterproofing Rehabilitation and Design

Rehabilitation Master Planning

Building Enclosure Commissioning


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