Hoffmann Architects


Exterior Rehabilitation and Litigation Support

Constructed in 1983, Alexander Centre I is a 3-story, steel-framed structure with a pre-cast concrete panel curtain wall. Alexander Centre II, built two years later, is a similar structure clad with Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) that mimics the appearance of Centre I. The steel roof decks of both buildings were covered with a built-up roofing assembly and coated with aluminized paint.

Trammell Crow Company retained Hoffmann Architects to investigate the persistent water infiltration issues. The investigation revealed that the roofing systems of both buildings had exceeded their serviceable lifespans. It was recommended that the roofs at both Alexander Centre I & II be replaced with a Modified Bitumen Roof system inclusive of thermal barriers and tapered insulation to improve drainage.

It was also concluded that moisture problems at the facades were largely the result of failed and inappropriate sealant applications. Rather than prevent water entry, the sealant trapped water within the facade, accelerating the damage. Hoffmann Architects recommended the replacement of sealant joints at Centre I and the replacement of the EIFS at Centre II with a system that improved moisture control.

Following the approval of recommended repairs, Hoffmann Architects developed the contract documents and provided bidding assistance and construction administration services.

Based on the findings of the investigation, Hoffmann Architects concluded that the pre-acquisition survey for the office towers, which was performed by another firm, had misidentified building materials and greatly under-estimated repair and upkeep costs for the potential buyers. At the request of Trammell Crow, our design professionals provided expert testimony and litigation support for the ensuing legal proceedings.