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Required Reading for Building Professionals

For over a quarter century, Hoffmann Architects’ JOURNAL has served as a forum for discussing common problems and new developments.  In each issue, our professionals tackle concerns specific to existing structures and occupied spaces in clear, straightforward terms.

Cover of Hoffmann Architects Journal Volume 38 Number 2The latest issue, Choosing the Right Paver System for Rooftop Amenity Spaces, guides building owners and managers in creating appealing, safe occupied roof areas, which have grown in demand since COVID-19 kept people at home and moved gatherings outside. Beyond the pandemic-fueled drive toward outdoor public space, the benefits of incorporating landscaped tenant spaces into roofs are many: reducing the urban heat island effect, protecting the roof membrane, and managing storm water runoff are just some of the advantages. To do it right, the design team must consider engineering constraints, like wind uplift, load capacity, and energy code, as well as architectural considerations, from green roof elements to paving assembly design.

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The Society for Marketing Professional Services, on granting the JOURNAL the Best In Show Award, commented that the “JOURNAL is excellent—high quality and educational.”

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