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Required Reading for Building Professionals

For over a quarter century, Hoffmann Architects’ JOURNAL has served as a forum for discussing common problems and new developments.  In each issue, our professionals tackle concerns specific to existing structures and occupied spaces in clear, straightforward terms.

JOURNAL V37 N4 Parapets COVER smallThe latest issue, Design Guide for Parapets: Safety, Continuity, and the Building Code, takes a closer look at the integration of the diverse materials and assemblies in parapet walls, including critical roof and wall transitions, movement accommodation, structural considerations, moisture management, and code requirements for continuous insulation, vapor barriers, wind uplift, and more. For existing buildings, navigating historic/landmark regulations and developing aesthetically sensitive solutions to deterioration adds to the complexity of parapet rehabilitation design.

New! Web-based version now available.

The Society for Marketing Professional Services, on granting the JOURNAL the Best In Show Award, commented that the “JOURNAL is excellent—high quality and educational.”

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