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New York City – Local Law 11


New York City – Local Law 11 / Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP)

Prompted by the death of a Barnard College student struck by falling masonry, Local Law 10 of 1980 instituted periodic inspections of street-facing exterior walls. In 1998, Local Law 11 (LL11) tightened regulations to include all faces of buildings six or more stories. In 2008, the City of New York adopted rule amendments that made further changes to the facade inspection process, including instituting staggered filing cycles to better negotiate the 14,500 buildings covered by the law.

Beginning with Cycle 9 in 2020, updates to the rule establish even more rigorous evaluation standards, including cavity wall probes and more hands-on inspection, as well as public protection measures, higher standards for Qualified Exterior Wall Inspectors (QEWIs), and greater penalties, to further improve public safety.

Hoffmann has performed Local Law 11 FISP inspections for hundreds of buildings.

Each cycle, owners and managers look to us to guide them comfortably through the Local Law 11 facade inspection, repair, and filing process. Shouldn’t you?

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NYC DOB Resources & Local Laws
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Rules of the City of New York, sections 101-07 and 103-04
Updated facade inspection and filing requirements, effective February 20, 2020
Local Law 38 of 2007
Revises the rule set forth in Local Law 11 of 1998 and establishes staggered sub-cycles
Local Law 11 of 1998
Updates the rule established by Local Law 10 of 1980
Local Law 10 of 1980
Original code rule requiring periodic facade inspections


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