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New Electronic Filing Requirement for NYC Facade Inspection Safety Program

Date August 2016

Beginning 12 September 2016, the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB) will require building owners, managers, and design professionals to use the new online portal, DOB NOW: Safety, to submit compliance filings for the Facade Inspection Safety Program (FISP), more commonly known as Local Law 11.

Who Is Affected?

Owners, Licensees, Filing Representatives, Registered Architects, and Professional Engineers must register in eFiling in order to access DOB NOW and submit facade compliance filings.

The key change is that Owners now must sign reports electronically, and in order to do so MUST be registered in eFiling.

Even if you are not filing a facade report at this time, registering now will provide ready access to the system and may prevent delays with future filings.

When Will the Change Take Place?

Effective 31 August 2016, facade compliance filings or extension requests, for Cycle 6 and beyond, will no longer be accepted in person and will no longer be available for review in the Building Information Systems (BIS).

Beginning on 12 September 2016, all facade compliance filings must be submitted through the online portal, DOB NOW: Safety.

How Do I Register for DOB NOW?

Visit the eFiling site and select “Register for electronic filing.”

To learn more about DOB NOW: Safetysign up to attend an information session, or visit the DOB NOW: Safety Resource Page for helpful links and instructions.

Once you have registered, or if you need assistance during the registration process, contact us so that we can work with you to move forward on your facade safety compliance projects.

NYC Facade Inspection Safety Program

Why the Change?

The new online portal is part of the Building One City initiative to transform the NYC DOB and improve efficiency and effectiveness. DOB NOW is intended to streamline the processes of filing reports and applications, pulling permits, making payments, scheduling appointments, and accessing information.

Released in phases over 2016 and 2017, DOB NOW includes divisions for Inspections, Build, Safety, and Licensing. All divisions of DOB NOW require users to register through eFiling for access.