Hoffmann Architects


Facade Rehabilitation

Constructed in 1984, the Aramark Building at 1101 Market Street is a Class-A, 32-story office building encompassing over 600,000 square feet. The upper portion of the facade is a combination of glass panel and brick masonry curtain wall construction, with both standard-face and coated brick, while the lower portions are polished granite interspersed with ribbons of glass curtain wall. All of the windows are fixed panes within metal frames. Balcony areas at the 11th, 18th, and 25th floor levels, and an arched window wall on the east facade, create a distinctive profile that is a key element in the Philadelphia skyline.

Owner Kennedy Wilson Properties, Ltd. had concerns about water infiltration at the facade and retained Hoffmann Architects + Engineers to provide architectural and engineering services for the facade rehabilitation.

Hoffmann prepared contract documents and provided bidding assistance and contract administration services to correct persistent leaks at the facade. The program included mortar and sealant joint replacement, curtain wall sealing, flashing and masonry rehabilitation, coping repair and replacement, and application of elastomeric water-repellent coating to concrete copings. Through the comprehensive identification and treatment of multiple sources of moisture infiltration, Hoffmann developed a rehabilitation program that restored water-tightness while permitting the natural egress of accumulated moisture from within facade components and windows.