MasterCard Headquarters

MasterCard Headquarters

Location Purchase, NY

Category Commercial

Focus Area FacadesPlazas

Facade and Entry Plaza Rehabilitation

Designed by I. M. Pei in 1979, this 450,000 sf building has been home to MasterCard Headquarters for over twelve years.  The distinctive facade combines continuous ribbons of reflective glass with travertine.  Concrete spandrel beams at each floor seem suspended in air, as the windows mirror the surrounding natural world.

Unfortunately, previous repairs to the aging structure had focused on isolated areas, without any cohesive plan.  As a result, the longevity of building components was compromised, and MasterCard asked Hoffmann Architects + Engineers to evaluate facade and entry plaza conditions and recommend a strategy for repairs.

Hoffmann provided a comprehensive survey report detailing the signs and probable causes of deterioration.  Lack of waterproofing had allowed water to damage the entry plaza and penetrate sub-grade spaces.  To correct the problem, the design team developed and oversaw a rehabilitation plan that restored a weather-tight, uniform building exterior.  Where materials had gone beyond their useful lifespan, Hoffmann designed a program of replacement.

Subsequently, MasterCard also retained Hoffmann Architects + Engineers to evaluate kitchen waterproofing, as well as to investigate water infiltration damage at the adjacent parking facility.