Parking Authority of Baltimore City market center

Parking Authority of Baltimore City (PABC)

Location Baltimore, MD

Category Government

Focus Area Parking Structures

Condition Assessments and Repairs

On-Call/Emergency Architecture and Engineering Services

The Parking Authority of Baltimore City (PABC) oversees the management of 17 parking garages, in addition to parking lots, metered spaces, and residential permit areas. To protect the continued value of its parking facilities, reduce costly repairs, and minimize liability risks, the PABC awarded an on-call/emergency services contract to Hoffmann for architecture and engineering services.

Hoffmann Architects + Engineers assessed the condition of eight off-street parking structures throughout the City of Baltimore, all of which suffered from varying levels of deterioration and distress. Constructed between 1985 and 2003, the structures included in the survey were the Marriott, Market Center, Arena, Redwood Street, Caroline Street, Little Italy, St. Paul Street and Fayette Street Garages.

The evaluations began with an investigation into each garage’s composition, concrete quality, exposure, and level of deterioration. Our design professionals provided a detailed report on the condition of each structure and prepared a five-year maintenance and rehabilitation plan with recommendations for repairs, surface protection, and other rehabilitative work, as well as anticipated costs and scheduling. Conditions addressed in the report included cracked and spalling concrete, exposed reinforcing steel and post-tensioning cables, open mortar and sealant joints, deteriorated brick masonry, and deficiencies in aluminum wall panel systems.

Due to conditions urgently affecting the integrity of four of the parking garages, Hoffmann provided structural surveys and designed and administered construction for the needed repairs. At the St. Paul Street and Market Center Garages, the firm conducted structural surveys and provided emergency repair recommendations, contract documents, bidding assistance, and contract administration services in response to damage caused by vehicular impact to the elevator tower and adjacent steel railing (St. Paul Street) and brick veneer and concrete wall assembly (Market Center). At Little Italy Garage, the issues were related to abnormal moisture levels at the upper level ramp, and at Arena, investigation and design services were provided for steel lintels and support angles. For the four garages requiring emergency repairs, Hoffmann supported PABC with strategies that quickly addressed the root cause of the distress and returned the parking structures to safe operation.