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To maintain dialogue on remedial architectural practice among our peers, as well as to provide information to building owners and facility managers, Hoffmann Architects’ professionals regularly contribute to industry publications, through both articles and interviews.

  • Cool Roofs and the Pursuit of Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure Resilience

    Aimed at commercial and investment real estate leaders, New York Real Estate Journal (NYREJ) is a weekly print and online news publication. This feature article considers reflective or cool roofs, not only as they improve energy performance and reduce the urban heat island effect, but also as a means to increase resilience and longevity of the roof assembly and related building components. Also available in an online edition for subscribers.

    NYREJ 25 April 2022 Cover
  • Paver Systems for Rooftop Decks

    Focused on the apartment and condominium market segment, Multifamily Design+Construction magazine covers news, projects, trends, and innovations. This technical article considers the architectural and engineering factors in the selection, design, and installation of paver systems for rooftop decks, including outdoor amenity spaces. Also available in an unabridged online edition.

    MDC Spring 2022 Cover
  • Reimagining the Plaza: Balancing Past and Present in Rehabilitation

    Reprinted from the Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences, this article in the Chamberlin Roofing & Waterproofing newsletter considers rehabilitation solutions for plazas of the Modern era, incorporating sustainable, energy-efficient elements, while maintaining the spirit of the original design. Also available as a printable PDF.

    Cover of the Winter 2022 Chamberlin Roofing and Waterproofing Newsletter
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