Hoffmann Architects + Engineers Promotes David Obrizzo to Senior CAD/IT Coordinator

Hoffmann Architects + Engineers is pleased to announce that David S. Obrizzo has been promoted to Senior CAD/IT Coordinator in recognition of his contributions, developing and maintaining high standards of excellence for project documents firm-wide.

Dave Obrizzo joined Hoffmann Architects + Engineers as Senior Project Representative in May 2015. Beginning his training with hand drafting on a drawing board, Obrizzo earned a certificate in Architectural Drafting and Design from Porter and Chester Institute in Connecticut. With the advent of computer-aided drafting, he returned to school to earn an AutoCAD Technology Certificate from Middlesex Community College (now Connecticut State Community College, Middlesex), as well as a certificate in Architectural AutoCAD Drafting and Design from Porter and Chester Institute. Empowering Obrizzo with the autonomy to apply his skillset to streamlining the firm’s drafting standards, Hoffmann created a new position specifically for Obrizzo in 2017: CAD/IT Coordinator. His initiative and leadership in this role have earned him a promotion to Senior CAD/IT Coordinator.

Project Accomplishments

With quiet discipline and meticulous attention to detail, Obrizzo successfully revised and modernized the firm’s CAD standards. His friendly, approachable rapport with the technical staff and organized, easy-to-follow training programs have allowed him to provide oversight and maintain adherence to uniform standards while addressing the changing needs of project teams. Beyond one-on-one desktop support, Obrizzo provides group educational sessions and develops drafting manuals and standards libraries. Under his direction, the firm overhauled the CAD standards and procedures manual and technical reference manual. He created, implemented, and regularly updates the firm’s drawing review procedures, CAD training program, and electronic document sealing process. To evaluate prospective employees, he designed a drafting assessment, and he developed the CAD onboarding program for new hires. It is through Obrizzo’s steadfast support that the the documents from all three Hoffmann offices are produced efficiently and adhere to uniform standards.


An expert drafter himself, Obrizzo earned the credential of Autodesk AutoCAD Certified Professional, and he has contributed drawings to significant Hoffmann projects, including the restoration of the Dome of the United States Capitol. He is skilled in using Autodesk AutoCAD versions starting with release 9, up to the current version (2025), as well as Sketchup, MasterCAM, LightBurn, Rhinoceros, Photoshop, and Inkscape. To improve efficiency and accuracy of Hoffmann documents, he spearheaded development of Auto LISP routines in AutoCAD, and he converted the firm’s annotations library to dynamic blocks. In his role providing technical support and guidance to the staff, he worked with the firm’s information technology manager to implement network, software, and hardware upgrades, from installing new PCs and new versions of AutoCAD to purchasing and installing large-format printers.

Additional Contributions

Outside the office, Obrizzo is a talented woodworker and craftsperson, known for building the popular giant Jenga game used at Hoffmann team events. His gifts of intricate, handmade wood cheese boards, computer monitor stands, beverage coasters, and more have become cherished office keepsakes. Obrizzo has volunteered at all the Hoffmann Habitat for Humanity build days for the Connecticut office.

Hoffmann Architects + Engineers recognizes Dave Obrizzo for his many contributions to the expediency and accuracy of the firm’s work products, as well as his initiatives in architectural drafting technology and training. We look forward to his continued success at Hoffmann.

A man cuts wood with a circular saw inside a trailer

Dave Obrizzo applies his carpentry skills to a Habitat for Humanity build.

Giant Jenga game in play in an office

Dave watches a coworker play the giant Jenga game he designed and constructed.

A man sweeps a floor while wearing a dust mask

Dave clears old insulation at a Habitat for Humanity build.