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We’ve been creating innovative, lasting solutions to building distress for over three decades. How? By taking the long view. We look at building systems holistically. Then, we narrow in on details. Intersections, terminations, penetrations, and other trouble spots have top priority. The result: rehabilitation that minimizes resource consumption and maximizes longevity.

The greenest building is the one that’s already built.

No matter how “green” the original design, a new building makes a new impact on the environment. So, too, does each new repair project. That’s why the most ecological building is an existing one, where repairs are designed and built to last.

Living roofs, green building materials, daylighting: we know sustainable design. Our articles, interviews, and participation in the US Green Building Council strive to advance the dialogue on sustainable architecture. Sometimes, though, it’s the less flashy solution that’s best. And we’re not afraid to say so.

“Sustainable design” is what we’ve been doing since 1977. Now we just know what to call it.