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The City of Pittsburgh, like many other major cities, has adopted the International Property Maintenance Code (2003 edition) to mandate regular building facade inspections. As per Sections 304.8, 304.9, and 304.11, “all buildings and structures except Use Group R-3 are required to have inspections by a licensed engineer or architect to determine the condition of specific items covered in the aforementioned sections”. The facade ordinance program requires that inspections are conducted every 5th year after the date of the original inspection.

Trust our design professionals for your facade inspections.

Since our first project in Pittsburgh in 1984, Hoffmann Architects has provided condition assessment, reporting, design, and repair services in the downtown area.


Pittsburgh Enacts Property Maintenance Code
Informational bulletin from Hoffmann Architects on what building owners, managers, and design professionals need to know to comply with the regulation.

Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspections (PL&I)
PL&I oversees facade ordinance inspection and reporting.

City of Pittsburgh, Building Codes
Building codes regulated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

City of Pittsburgh, Code of Ordinances
Legislation amending the building code.


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