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Getting In

Getting In

Our success
is built
on our staff.

Application Process

Job Search
Start by checking our Open Positions to find a job that suits your qualifications and interests.  Check the Meet UsServices, and Projects sections of the site to learn more about who we are and what we do.

Submit an Application
Send us a résumé that outlines your experience and focuses on the specific position for which you’re applying.  Include a cover letter.  You can submit materials online by clicking on the link for the open position.

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First Interview
Your skills fit the job, and we’d like to learn more about you.  The next step is usually a phone interview.  If you’re close enough to drop by one of our offices, we may just go ahead and meet in person.  In that case, be ready to bring along a portfolio of your work.

Second Interview
In the next interview, we’re looking to establish, for architectural and engineering positions, both your technical proficiency and your familiarity with or interest in remedial architecture.  Now is the time to show us a portfolio.  For administrative, marketing, or financial positions, we aim to assess your interpersonal skills and relevant experience.

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Final Interview
If you’re applying for a senior-level position, we will likely follow up with a third interview, this time including the firm’s president, executive vice president, or both.

Hiring Decision
About two to three weeks after the initial phone interview, we will return to you with a hiring decision.  Because our employees are the foundation of our reputation, we invest a lot of thought and attention in our hiring process.  We want to make sure you’re right for the job—and the job is right for you.

If you submit a résumé, and we don’t contact you to schedule an interview, follow up.  Due to the high volume of applications we receive, we aren’t always able to respond to every résumé.  Calling us will let you know definitively what your status is.

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Research our company by looking at the pages of our website, and come to the interview prepared.  We have a specialized practice, and successful applicants understand exactly what it is we do—and what we don’t.

Know why you’ve applied for the position, and what interests you about the job and about Hoffmann Architects.  Familiarize yourself with the posted job description and responsibilities.

Explain any gaps in your résumé.  We’d much rather see a cover letter that’s forthcoming about a year or two as a stay-at-home parent than an application which ignores blanks in employment history in the vain hope that we will, too.

Check interviewing and résumé guidelines from sources such as university career centers or job search websites.  From organizing your résumé and writing your cover letter to preparing for the interview, these sites can offer helpful, general advice on putting your best foot forward.