Hoffmann Architects


The Hanover Insurance Group, South Wing

Worcester, Massachusetts

Window and Curtain Wall Replacement

Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, The Hanover Insurance Group is one of the top insurers in the United States. Since 1852, The Hanover Insurance Group has provided a wide range of products to businesses and individuals. The South Wing of the building, constructed circa 1956, is a five-story structure of mass wall construction clad in granite panels. Three hundred aluminum frame, single-pane windows and curtain wall elements at the main entrance and cafeteria were installed in masonry openings throughout the building.

The original windows and curtain wall elements, installed in the 1950s, had reached the end of their useful life and became a major source of energy loss. The Hanover Insurance Group requested Hoffmann Architects’ assistance with a window replacement project at the South Wing of the building. In the early stages of the project, Hoffmann Architects presented The Hanover Insurance Group with design concepts that illustrated possible replacement options and their aesthetic impact on the building. Once a scheme was selected, Hoffmann Architects designed the window and curtain wall replacement project and considered technical objectives such as high-performance frames and glazing, and addressed the mitigation of air and water infiltration through creative detailing. Our design team tailored the logistics of project phasing to accommodate the everyday business of an insurance company.

The window and curtain wall replacement modernized the buildings’ aesthetic while being respectful to the existing art deco façade motifs. Building occupants immediately realized a more comfortable working environment; sun glare was drastically reduced yet the amount of natural light entering the building was dramatically increased.

Hoffmann Architects also provided The Hanover Insurance Group with Construction Administration Services throughout the duration of construction. Through our onsite presence, we worked closely with the Construction Manager and their subcontractors to review and solve issues related to concealed conditions discovered during the demolition process in a timely manner. This team approach to the construction of the project allowed for continuous workflow with no down time.