Hoffmann Architects

Rockland Psychiatric Center

Rockland Psychiatric Center

Orangeburg, NY

Building Envelope Condition Assessment, Ice Mitigation Evaluation, and Roof Replacement

One of nearly 30 resource facilities overseen by the New York State Office of Mental Health (OMH), Rockland Psychiatric Center provides supportive residential care and community-based treatment to adults with mental illness. Part of a city-within-a-city campus built in the 1930s, the center’s four main masonry buildings create an interconnected facility. Providing a secure environment is of paramount importance to OMH, so Hoffmann Architects was retained when the aging structures’ deterioration began to present safety issues.

The New York State Office of General Services (OGS) initially retained Hoffmann Architects to conduct building envelope condition assessments of Rockland’s four main buildings to identify areas of deterioration and sites of water infiltration. Through field observation, exploratory probes, and environmental testing, our architects and engineers conducted an evaluation and developed a report detailing areas of concern, including exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) and stucco deterioration, water infiltration, delaminated coatings, open joints, concrete deterioration, and damage to accessibility ramps. The report provided recommendations for repairs, along with opinions of probable construction costs.

OMH reported snow and ice build-up on the buildings’ steep-sloped clay tile roofs, which would fall and damage lower metal roofs, bury stairways and egress doors, and pose potential hazards to pedestrians. OGS retained Hoffmann Architects to coordinate the work of an assessment team and recommend remedial action. The investigation identified deficiencies at roofs, gutters, and downspouts and recommended improvements to drainage, as along with installation of a snow guard system. Concerned about aesthetics, OGS asked Hoffmann Architects to conduct an engineering study to assess alternative methods for managing snow and ice, including protective canopies, fencing, and strengthened roofing capable of withstanding snow and ice impact. Our design professionals provided structural analysis, cost comparison, and a long-term viability assessment for various mitigation approaches.

OGS retained the Hoffmann Architects to provide architectural and engineering services for replacement of the clay tile roofs on three of the buildings and installation of snow and ice mitigation all four buildings.
With the assessment and rehabilitation programs developed by Hoffmann Architects to address water infiltration and deterioration, as well as damage and hazardous conditions caused by snow and ice, these early-twentieth-century buildings can continue to provide compassionate treatment in a safe historic setting.