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225-233 Park Avenue South-overview

225-233 Park Avenue South

New York, New York

Building Envelope Consultation

Built in circa 1910, 225-233 Park Avenue South buildings are two neoClassical commercial office buildings which occupy the entire block from 18th to 19th Street along the east side of Park Avenue South. The 225 tower was constructed of buff brick and terracotta rising to 19 stories and the 233 tower was constructed of red brick and terra cotta rising to 12 stories.

Hoffmann Architects had been previously retained by Orda Management Corporation to perform a facade investigation and to assist in repairs to both buildings. Subsequently, Studios Architecture had been hired by the management firm to design and implement renovations to both buildings which included an addition to the roof at 225 Park Avenue South, a pavilion and stair addition to connect both buildings and entrance facade renovations at 225 Park Avenue South. Hoffmann Architects was retained to provide building envelope consulting services during the design development phase of the renovations and to assist in energy analysis and facade design detailing.

During the energy analysis phase, our design professionals reviewed assemblies proposed by Studios Architecture for thermal and energy performance values; established preliminary project benchmark requirements; delivered two-dimensional thermal models of details on up to six assembly interface details for the renovation; provided a thermal bridge review of up to six proposed assemblies using linear and point transmission to estimate whole-assembly energy performance values; provided an update to the code compliance determination using COMCheck software; delievered tables of assembly values, linear and point transmissions, and whole-assembly calculations for incorporation into the contract documents; and determined code compliance based on trade-offs with existing envelope systems using assumed values for existing systems provided in ASHRAE 90.1.

During the design phase Hoffmann Architects provided technical review of design documents for the building envelope; hand sketches of wall sections for each facade assembly type; technical specifications and a typical section for each roofing system and wall assembly details including glazing, flashing, sealants and storefront; and engineering design support for any modifications to the existing superstructure and any new primary structure necessary to support the exterior enclosure.