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Hoffmann Architects Promotes Chris Clements, Tom Ancillotti, and Kristen Anderson

July 2021 - Hoffmann Architects, an architecture and engineering firm specializing in the rehabilitation of building exteriors, is pleased to announce that Chris Clements, Tom Ancillotti, and Kristen Anderson have earned promotions.

J. Christopher Clements, AIA

J. Christopher Clements, AIA

J. Christopher Clements, AIA, with Hoffmann Architects’ Virginia office, has earned a promotion to Senior Staff Architect. He joined the firm in 2015 as Project Representative and earned promotions to Senior Project Representative, Project Coordinator, and most recently to Staff Architect. With a primary focus on historic preservation, his experience includes investigation and assessment, design development, on-site project representation, and drawing preparation for various projects, including roof repairs and replacements, plaza and terrace rehabilitation, parking garage assessment and repair, and facade restoration. Some of Clements’ notable contributions include contract administration for restoration of the U.S. Capitol Dome, building envelope inspections and facade repairs for the Smithsonian Institution, roof surveys for Washington Union Station, and exterior rehabilitation for Lehigh University.

Clements graduated from The Catholic University of America with a Master of Architecture degree. He earned a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from the College of William & Mary, where he also studied fine arts. An active member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), he recently published his first article in the Hoffmann Architects JOURNAL, “Restoring and Maintaining Archaic Concrete Floor Systems.”

Outside the office, Clements enjoys writing fictional short stories and recently wrote a sci-fi themed screenplay for a local competition. He also enjoys oil painting, listening to live music, and woodworking.

Thomas M. Ancillotti, Assoc. AIA

Tomas M. Ancillotti, Assoc. AIA

Thomas M. Ancillotti, Assoc. AIA, part of Hoffmann Architects’ New York staff, has been recognized with a promotion to Senior Project Representative. Since joining the firm in 2019 as Project Representative, he has gained experience in architectural drafting, report preparation, wind load calculations, FISP (Local Law 11) investigations, facade and roof replacement design, and contract administration, including site visits and client meetings. His work encompasses a wide range of facilities, including corporate, educational, government, healthcare, hospitality, and residential buildings. Some of his notable projects include roof replacements and facade repairs for Columbia University, including Alfred Lerner Hall and the Columbia Medical Campus towers, and FISP/Local Law 11 investigations for 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 590 Madison Avenue, and One Court Square in New York.

Ancillotti graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York with a Master of Architecture degree, and he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is an active member of the Alpha Rho Chi National Professional Fraternity for Architecture and the Allied Arts, where he works with his local chapter to support college students pursuing careers in architecture.

Outside the office, Ancillotti is an avid sports enthusiast; he currently enjoys baseball, golf, and skiing, and past interests include hockey, rugby, and boxing. He also enjoys drawing and crocheting, as well as visiting local museums and parks. Last summer, he used his community service hours under Hoffmann Architects’ Pay It Forward Program to donate blood and deliver food and water to St. Lucy’s Shelter in New Jersey. He also crocheted a blanket for veterans, mentored students online, transcribed gravestones for the BillionGraves project and archival documents for the Smithsonian Institution, and wrote letters for ACS Action Network and sent petitions for Amnesty International advocating for health and human rights.

Kristen T. Anderson, Assoc. AIA

Kristen T. Anderson, Assoc. AIA

Kristen T. Anderson, Assoc. AIA, also with Hoffmann Architects’ New York office, earned a promotion to Senior Project Representative. Since joining the firm in 2019 as Project Representative, she has gained experience working on projects for corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality, religious, and mixed-use buildings. Her experience includes drawing and schematic design/detail development, submittal reviewal and processing, wind load calculations, preparation of documents for building envelope rehabilitation projects, facade inspections for FISP (Local Law 11) projects, and contract administration for roof replacement projects and hardscape repairs. She continues to show initiative by taking on new leadership roles; currently, she is mastering the New York City Department of Buildings’ new filing system so that she can train her colleagues, and she recently had the opportunity to test her proficiency by helping a client with DOB filing. Some of her notable project contributions include roof replacements and waterproofing/structural consultation at Columbia University College Walk, pedestrian bridge and elevator rehabilitation at Stony Brook University Medical Center, FISP investigations for the Durst Organization in Times Square, and building enclosure condition assessment at the Lenox Hill townhouse at 14 East 67th Street.

Anderson earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. In January, her thesis project, “Re-constructivism in the Abandoned Field,” was featured in the online arts journal, Diaphanous Micro.

Beyond her work in the office, Anderson enjoys painting, drawing, crocheting, and reading. She loves to travel; she’s been to Canada, Italy, Scotland, and Curacao, and she plans to visit Greece, Germany, and Austria. During quarantine, she used her community service hours under Hoffmann Architects’ Pay It Forward Program to crochet a red-white-and-blue blanket to donate to her local Veterans’ hospital. She also made crocheted animals for friends and family, keeping everyone’s spirits up through the pandemic. Last winter, Anderson taught herself how to ice skate at Bryant Park and would practice every day during her lunch break. She has also been learning how to roller skate this summer.

Hoffmann Architects recognizes Chris Clements, Tom Ancillotti, and Kristen Anderson for their valuable contributions, their experience, and their achievements.