Hoffmann Architects

The Whipple Building at Mystic Education Center

The Whipple Building,
Mystic Education Center

Mystic, CT

Roof, Gutter, and Soffit Replacement

Originally the Whipple Home School for Deaf-Mutes and, later, the Mystic Oral School, the Whipple Building was established in 1872 as a school for deaf students using the innovative teaching methods of its founder, Zerah C. Whipple.  In 1921, the State of Connecticut assumed ownership and supervision of the school, but discontinued its usage in 1980 as education policy shifted to encourage placement of hearing impaired children in local and regional programs.  The state continues to use the facility as part of the Mystic Education Center.

Under Hoffmann Architects’ on-call contract for roofing projects with the State of Connecticut Department of Public works, our architects were asked to observe the condition of roofs, soffits, and gutters at the Whipple Building.  Leaks into the building interior at roof valleys and built-in gutters raised concerns that the asphalt shingle roof, installed in 1968, had reached the end of its useful service life.  Additionally, wood soffits at roof eaves and rakes had deteriorated.

To remediate the aging roof system, Hoffmann Architects designed and oversaw a full roof replacement, including shingles, underlayment, flashings, soffits, gutters, and downspouts.  Our architects provided drawings, specifications, bidding assistance, and contract administration services to see the project successfully from design through completion.