Hoffmann Architects


Historic Facade and Roof Repairs

Designed by George B. Post and featuring distinctive exterior sculpture by John Q. A. Ward, the ten-story Georgia marble facade of 18 Broad Street has become an icon of United States finance.  The first two stories of the neo-classical building form a podium for a colonnade of six massive Corinthian columns set between two rectangular pilasters.  Within the pediment, Ward’s famous relief figures depict American commerce.  Completed in 1903, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a National Historic Landmark.

As weathering and age caused components to deteriorate, NYSE decided that it was time to implement a comprehensive and lasting maintenance and restoration plan for the emblematic building.  They asked Hoffmann Architects to design a solution.

Beginning with a condition evaluation of the statuary building and adjacent 17-story tower, built in 1922, Hoffmann Architects assessed probable causes of deterioration in exterior walls, windows, roofs, and ornamentation.  Based on the recommendations in this report, NYSE retained Hoffmann Architects to design and direct a phased program of facade and roof rehabilitation.  The ambitious historic restoration included:  marble repointing, cleaning, replacement, and repair; replacement of roofs, brick, sealant joints, and wood windows; and restoration of original steel windows, lintels, and terra cotta elements.

Pursuant to New York City Local Law 10 of 1980 and Local Law 11 of 1998, facade condition assessment and maintenance ordinances, Hoffmann Architects also assisted NYSE with mandated inspections and repairs so as to fulfill reporting requirements.

Restored to vitality, the once ailing Stock Exchange facade stands as a monument to the nation’s architectural wealth.