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NYCSCA Overview

New York City Public Schools

New York, NY

Building Enclosure Maintenance Manual and Exterior Rehabilitations

With over 1600 schools under its purview, the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) decided that the Board of Education needed a manageable process for maintaining building enclosures. Hoffmann Architects developed the comprehensive “Exterior Building Maintenance Manual for New York City School Buildings” to direct facility personnel in the regular upkeep of roofs, exterior walls, windows, doors, and sealants. The guide provides checklists, illustrations, glossaries, and descriptions to assist in conducting periodic inspections, so as to identify and correct minor problems, prevent costly emergency repairs, and plan for replacement as components reach the end of their service life.

Since 1996, Hoffmann Architects has also provided architectural and engineering services for a variety of building upgrades at more than 50 of the schools. As an on-call consultant to the SCA, Hoffmann Architects assisted with scopes of work involving roof, facade, and exterior system rehabilitation; interior remodeling; and window replacements; as well as coordination of consultants for mechanical and electrical system modifications.

In general, our assignments began with an investigation to establish building conditions and recommend remedial action. Then, we prepared contract documents and provided bidding and construction administration services, as needed. When required, we also oversaw participation of civil engineering and environmental/materials testing consultants as part of this process.

Our scope of services also included an extensive investigation into the causes of premature replacement window failures. Hoffmann Architects evaluated nearly 2,000 windows at a representative five schools and provided a detailed assessment of the component malfunction that had led to the widespread failures. We then designed repairs to resolve the problem.

Throughout Hoffmann Architects’ investigation, repair, and modernization projects, our goal has been to provide the SCA with the tools it needs to evaluate and maintain its schools prudently and efficiently, while supporting the appropriate rehabilitation of aging or deteriorated components.