Hoffmann Architects

Mount Sinai overview

Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY

Facade Condition Assessment

Hoffmann Architects provided a facade condition assessment for the Mount Sinai Medical Center located at 19 East 98th Street in New York, New York. Constructed circa 1919, the 10-story building’s façade is solid masonry construction with double hung aluminum replacement windows. The structure is concrete encased steel. The parapet at the penthouse level is comprised of brick piers with concrete and terra cotta coping stones and ornamental metal rails on the south elevation and continuous masonry with aluminum copings at the remaining elevations.

Visual observations were performed from street and roof levels with the assistance of high-powered binoculars. In addition, documentation provided by Mount Sinai Medical Center was reviewed as part of these investigations. As requested by the Owners, no exploratory openings or detailed investigations by means of suspended scaffolding were performed.

Hoffmann Architects reported that while the facade of the building appeared to be in fair-to-good condition there were several conditions, most notably the widespread failure of sealant joints, that would lead to the infiltration of moisture behind the facade and into the building over time.

Hoffmann Architects recommended that repairs be undertaken to the facade of this building in order to maintain its weather integrity and mitigate deterioration. These repairs include sealant replacement, repointing of mortar joints, brick and terra cotta repair, and miscellaneous facade improvements.