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Hospital of Central Connecticut overview

Hospital of Central Connecticut

New Britain, CT

Parking Garage Rehabilitation

Owned and operated by the Hospital of Central Connecticut at New Britain General, the Hart Street parking garage is a three-story, precast, double-tee structure built in the mid-1990s. With nearly 35,000 sf per level, the free-standing garage provides parking for hospital employees and is generally at or near capacity much of the time.

Because the hospital relies on the Hart Street garage, the administration became concerned when defects were observed that might have structural significance. To assess the defects, the hospital retained Hoffmann Architects. Our team of architects and engineers provided a thorough evaluation of observed distress, including visual analysis, drive surveys, materials sampling, and laboratory testing, to determine the extent and implications of deterioration.

In an illustrated report, Hoffmann Architects noted deficiencies in design, fabrication, and construction, primarily relating to elevated decks and flange connections. To remediate potentially hazardous conditions, Hoffmann Architects recommended a rehabilitation program that included replacement of existing flange connections with flexible connections, repair of deteriorated precast elements, and application of protective coatings to mitigate further degradation. Because deterioration of the garage decks was self-accelerating and non-reversible, Hoffmann Architects recommended repair and protection of these structural elements as a matter of priority.

Based on the condition assessment, the Hospital of Central Connecticut retained Hoffmann Architects to develop design documents for the recommended repairs, assist with bidding, and provide construction administration services to see that work was performed as designed.  The parking structure rehabilitation improved the garage’s ability to respond to thermal movements and vertical and lateral loads, and increased the structure’s resistance to moisture and chloride-induced deterioration.