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Brideport Hospital Overview

Bridgeport Hospital

Bridgeport, CT

Building Envelope Assessment and Repairs

Bridgeport Hospital, part of the Yale-New Haven Health System, is a private, non-profit facility located in a mixed-use commercial and residential area in Connecticut’s most populous city.  The hospital’s ten-story patient towers date to 1956, with some additions and modifications in the 1960s.  A new entrance, pedestrian bridge, and parking structure were added later, in the early 1990s.

Bridgeport Hospital retained Hoffmann Architects to evaluate building conditions at the aging structure and recommend a cohesive, prioritized program for repairs.  Where inappropriate repairs had been made as short-term fixes, or poor design and construction practices employed, the Hospital requested that Hoffmann Architects develop remedial solutions that would address underlying problems and respect building integrity.

To establish a priority of repairs based on urgency of the deteriorated conditions, Hoffmann Architects began with an overview of existing facade and roof conditions.  Forensic analysis further informed the recommended rehabilitation program, which was organized into multiple phases over several years.  The firm’s architects outlined a scope of repairs, including estimates of probable construction cost, for the patient towers, pedestrian bridge, elevator and stair towers at the parking structure, and the Ahlbin Center for Rehabilitation Medicine building to restore weather integrity and structural stability.  Our comprehensive program of repairs addressed the hospital’s building envelope needs with an integrated long-range strategy.

Hoffmann Architects completed design documents, bidding assistance, and construction administration services for remediation of water infiltration conditions, masonry distress, sealant joint deterioration, and pigeon infestation at the pedestrian bridge, and at the parking structure elevator and stair towers.  Hoffmann Architects also provided these services for a full roof replacement at the Ahlbin Center.