Hoffmann Architects

Boston Medical

Boston Medical Center

Boston, MA

Facade Inspection

Hoffmann Architects provided architectural and engineering services for the inspection of two Boston Medical Center (BMC) buildings per City of Boston Ordinance 9-9.12. Structures classified as “high-rise buildings” under the Massachusetts State Building Code are required to submit a facade inspection report every five years.

The facility at 65 East Newton Street, constructed circa 1965, is a nine-story, 135 foot tall structure with solid brick exterior walls. At its apex sits a two-story penthouse of reinforced concrete beams and columns with a brick façade. Its neighbor at 88 East Newton Street is an eight-story, 122 foot tall structure built about 20 years later, which is clad in exposed-aggregate precast concrete panels and glazed curtain wall, save the west façade, which is constructed of cast-in-place concrete.

Beyond the basics of reviewing previous reports and documents, conducting an on-site investigation of exterior walls and appurtenances, documenting conditions, and submitting the appropriate report to the Boston Inspectional Services Department (ISD), Hoffmann Architects conferred with BMC on the results and implications of our findings prior to submittal, in order to offer guidance with the process of building code compliance and to recommend appropriate further action.