Hoffmann Architects

395 Hudson Street

395 Hudson Street

New York, NY

Facade Investigations and Repairs

Formerly known as the Hudson Carpenters’ Union Building, 395 Hudson Street is a ten-story commercial office building constructed in the early 1920s. Clad in brick masonry, the rectangular building is accented at the first and eighth floors with continuous limestone bands, as well as limestone sills, cornice, and copings. The building is located in the Hudson Square neighborhood of Manhattan, west of SoHo along the Hudson River.

For over ten years, Cushman & Wakefield, Inc. has entrusted facade safety investigations at 395 Hudson Street, in compliance with New York City Local Law 11 of 1998, to Hoffmann Architects. In three consecutive filing cycles, our design professionals have conducted the required exterior wall condition assessments, filed the relevant documentation, and designed necessary repairs.

When Cushman & Wakefield observed water infiltration at the basement level beneath loading docks, they retained Hoffmann Architects as building envelope diagnostic specialists. Our architects visited the site to conduct flood tests and investigative probes so as to determine the source of water intrusion. Lack of waterproofing materials between the concrete loading dock and surrounding asphalt, coupled with open penetrations and incorrect slope, had permitted significant water entry into the structure. A prior repair effort failed to resolve the problem.

In an illustrated report, Hoffmann Architects presented documentation of observed conditions, opinions of probable causes, and recommendations for advisable corrective action, along with estimates of construction costs for the remedial work.