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Hoffmann Architects Announces Fall Fridays

Fall Hours 2020


September 2020 - With the challenges of remote and hybrid learning, childcare, return to college, and balancing work with academic support, we decided that the best way to continue to deliver outstanding service to our clients is to take care of our staff. We asked how we can best support them, and a four-day workweek was the favorite option.

This fall, our offices will continue to be closed on Fridays.

Concerned about project meetings, construction observation, or deadlines that occur on Fridays?
No worries. Our project teams always make clients and colleagues top priority. If we need to be available on a Friday, we will be there.

The well-being of our staff and the efficient progress of our projects come first. With the downtime afforded by Friday breaks, we can meet the needs of clients, while supporting the health and productivity of our incomparable employees.


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